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Brad Johnston Leyer

Fencing Player

I grew up in La Alegría de Siquirres and discovered fencing when I took the sports class at the University of Costa Rica in 2007. I have been a national fencing team since 2008 and have participated in Olympic cycle events since 2010. I was Central American individual champion in 2017 and by teams in 2018 and 2019. I obtained Central American and Caribbean silver in 2022. Brad is an activist for the rights of athletes in Costa Rica and with a great interest in promoting the participation of LGBTIQ+ people in amateur sports and high performance. I believe that the sports sector has a historical debt with the LGBTIQ+ community and that the creation of safe spaces and the awareness of people on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity is a step that must be taken in Costa Rican sports.

Brad is one of our special guest that will be participating in the Tamarindo Beach Pride Festival.

Brad Johnston Leyer
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